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Clarity Realtor

Clarity and Commitment

My relationships with my clients are built on trust, genuine commitment, and approaching this journey with you like a friend. This means working hard and diligently to investigate the market in order to best serve your needs. Be it helping you find the perfect home to buy or guiding you in how to strategically market and sell your home, I will provide clear communication every step of the way. 


I will give you the information you need to make the best decision for you by breaking it down into easy steps, while also helping you navigate the tougher parts of the home buying or selling process. I'll prepare you for offers and negotiations, give you a full picture of your best options, and provide you with what you need to make a sound and solid financial decision on the sale or purchase of your home. I find great joy in providing thorough and genuine service to those that put their faith in me to help them through this process.



I have worked with real estate investors since 2007 and have managed over 700 properties since. As an investor myself and realtor, I offer my full skill set and professional consultation services to guide you in every part of the real estate process. If you are selling a home, I'll consult you in the pre-market preparations of the property, help you make an educated decision on how to price the property correctly, navigate negotiations, and compile and analyze current market data throughout the process to put you in the best position to sell your home.


If you are looking to purchase a home I will help you not only find a property that will suit your needs, but also help you make an educated decision on how to price offers correctly, work through negotiations, and couple that decision with market data so that you can feel well informed with your investment in your home.

Claire Wilshire

(757) 613-6079

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